Slide 68

86 Your Current Life and Pursue the Lifestyle You've Been Dreaming Of
Are you at your wits end with you current lifestyle?  Have you had it up to here and want change? Tired of seeing other people live the good life and want your share of the pie?  If so, you’re on Slide 68 and the answers to a better life await you in this gut wrenching, thought provoking, globetrotting, A-List experience.    Step into a world that took me from the poor house to the White House and from the mobile home to where moguls roam! 

Slide 68 is the book you’ve been looking for. It is written exclusively for those who accept the idea that you will settle on not settling

Slide 68 is not just a book, it’s a movement.

Interested in listening to the introductory chapter of Slide 68 read by the author himself?

This chapter will help you create the mindset to overcome life's problems no matter how big they are.  It will give you a reminder that seasons do change and that you must stay committed until change comes.  Mickle rounds it out by providing you a little bit of background on one of history's most boldest leaders who faced more challenges than you ever dreamed in route to becoming the 16th President of the United States.  Take a listen....

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Available in book or audio CD (45 minutes) format.